WHO Urges Preparedness Against Next Pandemic As COVID-19 Kills Nearly 1 Million

The World Health Organisation has said the world should beef up for another upcoming health emergency.

It also warned that the world is ‘dangerously unprepared’ for the next pandemic as Coronavirus has challenged the world’s most furnished health systems.

“We do not know what the next health emergency will be, but we know it will come. And we must be prepared.

“It is the same reason we mandate seatbelts, invest in fire departments, and vaccinate our children,” said WHO Secretary-General, Tedros Adhanom Gebrehesus.

COVID-19 has currently infected more than 28.9 million people, killing more than 922,000 others around the world.

Coronavirus infection is reaching alarming levels in the United States, India and Brazil, the three most infected countries in the world.

The World Health Organization has reported at least 307,930 new cases worldwide in just one day.