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U.S. Senators in 13-man Bipartisan resolution suggest ceasefire, dialogue to solve Anglophone crisis

Jim Risch, a Republican Senator from Idaho in the U.S., is leading a delegation of his colleagues, to condemn the violence in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions.

In an address to the press, the group of Democratic and Republican Senators say the crisis has crippled the country’s political and economic landscapes.

To Senator Jim Risch, “The international community must do more to speak out against the atrocities of this conflict, and engage all sides to pursue an inclusive and constructive path toward peace and stability”.

To them, “Resolving this conflict will allow Cameroonians to fully realize their own constitutional and democratic ideals, pursue justice for those whose lives have been lost or destroyed, and restore Cameroon’s robust security and economic partnership with the United States”.

The United States Senate, they explain, cannot be silent in the face of grave human rights abuses.

This is not the first time U.S. senators are calling for intervention in the crisis. It is, however, the first bipartisan call of this nature.

To Senator Ben Cardin, a high-ranking member of the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere among other duties, their bipartisan resolution, “marks Congress’ commitment to working with the Cameroonian people to put an end to violence and human rights violations, pursue justice for victims, and support Cameroon in reconciliation, development, and humanitarian efforts”.

Among the key resolutions reached at are the need to conclude and uphold an immediate ceasefire, guarantee unfettered humanitarian access and assistance to the Northwest and Southwest regions and exercise restraint and ensure that political protests are peaceful.

To them, it is also necessary to “establish a credible process for an inclusive dialogue that includes all relevant stakeholders to achieve a sustainable political solution that respects the rights and freedoms of all of the people of Cameroon”.

Government and separatist fighters have for close to four years today ignored possible avenues and solutions, engaging in a conflict that has left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands more displaced.

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