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The Paradox of the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis

More footage from Bamenda shows civilians seeking refuge at a police station as the sound of gunshots filled the air yesterday.

Sources, however, say the gunshots were fired mainly by security forces after one of theirs was killed by suspected separatist fighters.

Relative calm has returned to the town this morning, but some residents remain scared due to yesterday’s reaction from security forces.

This video showing a large crowd seeking refuge with the police would appear normal given that it is the State’s responsibility to protect the population. In this case, however, it raises a paradox, given that the main argument of the separatists is that they are trying to ‘free’ the population from the current administration.

Analysts have questioned the sustainability of the Cameroon government’s approaches, which have so far failed to solve the crisis.

Others are pointing to the paradox in the police providing ‘protection’ to civilians in Bamenda, while their counterparts in Boyo have recently created an outcry following the wrongful arrest and killing of some civilians.

The situation in Bamenda and indeed, a great percentage of the two Anglophone Regions, remains very delicate for ordinary citizens.