“The MRC party is planning neither an insurrection nor a coup, but a peaceful public demonstration,” party treasurer, Alain Fogue

One of the founding members and treasurer of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party (MRC), Alain Forgue has explained to the press that the Maurice Kamto-led party, unlike many people think is not planning any violent actions nor a coup, but a peaceful protest against the regime.

Fogue said the announced nationwide protest slated for September 22nd, 2020, is to discourage the Cameroonian people from taking part in the regional elections come December 6, 2020.

MRC says bad electoral laws and the Anglophone crisis would make the polls impossible.

Is The MRC Backtracking?

On August 24, 2020, the president of the MRC party, Maurice Kamto addressed Cameroonians, saying plans to hold elections in Cameroon without fulfilling the requirements that had been set by him and the entire MRC party was going to prompt a gigantic national revolution.

“…I announce that any summoning of the electorate by the illegal and illegitimate government of Yaounde, before the taking to account and effective implementation of the two requirement set by us will automatically lead to the launch of a gigantic national campaign of call for the outright departure of Mr. Biya from power, without there being any need to wait for a new communication in this regard” declared Maurice Kamto.

Many took this statement as a possible call for an insurrection by the MRC national president, especially as many recall he had earlier in the year promised a call for violence if the President of the Republic didn’t meet some conditions set amongst which was a complete resolution of the Anglophone crisis.

Even his spokesperson, Bibou Nissack in a series of outings on Facebook said “Paul Biya must go…enough is enough”.

Alain Fogue in Thursday’s outing sought to “clear the air”.

“I bring you here a formal denial on a false message currently in circulation. Maurice Kamto is prescribing utmost discretion in the mobilisation for the call for the departure of Mr. Paul Biya…our request is constitutional and legitimate. The CRM is not planning an insurrection or a coup d’etat, but a pacific public demonstration. No need to hide anything from anyone. So get involved to make this work,” he re-ascertained.

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