Stand Up for Cameroon, MRC strategise on ‘beating Biya regime’, setting up political transition

The dust is yet to settle after two key opposition leaders in Cameroon, Maurice Kamto and Kah Wallah met yesterday.

They were both leading delegations of their respective movements in a working session.

What took centre stage at the talks, was Cameroon’s different crises that have left many wondering about the willingness of the state to out an end to it.

“For Cameroon to begin resolution of its many crises, the first step is the departure of the Biya Regime through non-violent action” said Kah Wallah after the working session.

She added that it doesn’t end at doing so: “following the departure of the regime, it is necessary to undergo a political transition in order to reconcile the nation and rebuild the foundation of our country.”

Describing their planned actions as laudable goals, she admitted that they will require concrete, concerted action by a wide variety of political and social actors as well as massive action by ordinary citizens.

“In the coming weeks Stand Up For Cameroon, CRM and other political and social actors will hold meetings to determine exact courses of action” Kah Wallah stated.

She added: “As usual, Stand Up For Cameroon will only act on the basis of consultation with our membership and in accordance with objectives and goals that have been our movement’s for the past 4 years.”

The Stand Uo for Cameroon’s Sunday session with the MRC leader was one of many he’s had within the past few hours.

The recent meetings come ahead of the planned September 22 protests that have seen a massive mobilisation of security forces in the nation’s key towns.

Mimi Mefo Info