Singer Romeo Dika resigns from CPDM, reigns curses

Louis Romeo N’Doumbe Dika popularly known as Romeo Dika; a well known Cameroonian musician has resigned from the ruling Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM after thirty four years of militancy.

In a letter dated Tuesday September 8th 2020 addressed to the national president of the CPDM party, Romoe Dika says ” I have suffered and accepted all sorts of humiliation for the CPDM party all this while . President Paul Biya has never keep his promise to pay me 90 millions francs cfa for my services rendered to the party in organising cultural events”.

The musician adds that he is no longer interested in receiving the money but warns that he will reveal all the evil of the CPDM party if militants of the party dare to attack and criticise him for resigning. He states that Samuel Ayolo; director of civil cabinet at the presidency of the Republic had earlier contacted him.

Romeo Dika warns that the regime should not dare to post humously decorate his body with a medal when he dies when it can not recognise his sacrifice while he is alive. He adds that for thirty five years, he has contributed greatly in the music industry and culture in general.

Earlier this week, an audio message circulated on the social media where Romeo Dika accused some top militants of the CPDM of asking him to fulfil some occultic practices as condition to receive his money.

At the time of this report, the Cameroon People Democratic Movement CPDM has not issued any official response to the accusations.

Mimi Mefo Info.