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Separatist strike back at decision banning bikes from Bamenda, say vehicles won’t move either, plunge the city into a ghost town

Last week’s decision by the SDO and the Mayors in Bamenda to ban commercial motor-bikes from operating in Bamenda has been met with a like for like retaliation by the separatists. They have vowed no vehicle will move in the town of Bamenda unless the decision by the SDO and the Mayors is reversed.

This latest decision by the separatist fighters has placed the town under an unprecedented ghost town. Inhabitants of Bamenda are immensely worried as they do not know for how long this war of power will drag on. The town this morning has been heavily militarized. The military has occupied almost all nooks and crannies of the town including hospitals. Worried patients in some hospitals complain of the continuous intimidations of the military saying they even consider leaving just because of the military presence.

“…Even in the hospitals, some have been sleeping around the mortuary, especially since the corpse of Fonte(Amba general) was brought in there. They even harassed a family that came t deposit a corpse and collected a sum of 5000frs from them… Some patients are even threatening to go home” laments a patient caretaker. The scared guardian says he increasingly grows afraid of what might happen especially if the separatist fighters attack the military at the hospital premises.

With regional elections already schedule to officially happen on the 6th December 2020 with the Northwest region and particularly Bamenda firmly in plans to host the elections, people are now more than ever curious to see how the government will react to the recent developments. Any further wrong moves will only aggravate the already volatile situation in the region which may result in unthinkable damage in Bamenda.

Mimi Mefo Info