SDF to boycott Regional Elections, says Federation only way out to crises in Cameroon

The national chairman of the Social Democratic Front ,SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has lashed out at government for planning the holding of regional elections as a means of decentralising power in Cameroon.

He has insisted that the SDF wouldn’t partake in the election .

The chairman has maintained that only a return to the Federal state will effectively guarantee the transfer of power to the people.
In a press release which he published on the 2nd September, 2020, Ni John Fru Ndi points out that any moves aimed at forcefully implementing the much criticised regional elections, will only help aggravate the situation in the Northwest and the Southwest.

“Any move by the regime to forcefully implement this flawed system today is an act of bad faith and only bound to further aggravate an already complicated situation” mentioned the chairman.
The SDF chairman in the communiqué points out that the entire SDF party believe genuine federalism is the only means to devolve power to the people. He equally points out that it is the only feasibly sound system where Cameroonians can collaboratively work together towards achieving development.

“A federal system will unite the people in aspiration, focus and the deployment of our resources to better develop the country as a nation” he claimed.

As a means of getting past the present crisis, the chairman gives three propositions which he believe will act as a suitable transition from the status quo to peace; Firstly he talks of the holding of an inclusive revision and enhancement of our electoral code; the enactment of a ceasefire in the Northwest and the Southwest regions and conduct further discussions on the resolution of the crisis; and the commencement of a full exploration of putting in place a federal system of governance in good faith of resolving the constitutional crisis in which we find ourselves today. These Fru Ndi says will “Give the people power to take control of their future and restore the country to its glory”
Waging in on the government’s inefficacy in fighting the Covid19 pandemic, the SDF chairman says it would be better for more energy and resurces to be channelled towards fighting the disease. “…We are curious that the regime that is unable to deliver on the people’s expectations towards financing he fight against the Covid19 pandemic by appealing for national solidarity, suddenly finds financial might when it comes to jeopardising effective devolution of power” he reprimands. “The Biya’s continuous cosmetic romance with meaningless concepts such as decentralisation is the root cause of the actual collapse of the republic” he notes.
The Chairman ends by reiterating that the SDF will not participate in the regional elections as it believes will only help in further deepening the crisis in the country.