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‘Repentant’ Ambazonia activist Success Nkongho begs Government to rescue Frankline Njume

Pro-government activist, Nkongho Success has expressed his support for fellow activist Njume Frankline over allegations of his job being under threats.

In a video making rounds on social media, he appears to cry saying Njume who is known for trumpeting the propaganda of the Biya regime “is sacrificing his life while others are trying to erase his existence”.

It is not really clear what trials Njume is facing at the moment, but the government apologist in a series of Facebook posts in the past days denounced ensuing tension between education officials and the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

Njume also stated that his job was at risk as a result of the conflict.

Success was a staunch supporter of the pro-independence movement in Anglophone Cameroon before crossing the carpet to the dismay of many some months back.

Njume’s Facebook page has been a tool of government propaganda and incitement of hate and violence.

The days ahead may be pregnant as we follow up on developments in and around Yaounde.


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