Pro-government activist alleges conflict between Secondary Education, Territorial Administration Ministers

Frankline Njume has raised worries over losing his job after citing a clash of interests between the ministry of secondary education and the ministry of territorial Administration.

In a social media post, he said the supposed conflict has left me confused.

“Tomorrow is Monday, I don’t know whose instructions to follow in my office. My local authority has issued me instructions backed by sanctions, my Ministry has equally placed certain taboos over my functions accompanied by sanctions if I don’t heed” he wrote.

The activist adds that “from every indication, my Ministry has already made up its mind to sanction me for executing the orders of my local authority. Both authorities are aware of the influence and threats directed to me by each other.”

In an attempt to resolve the issue, he added that he has pleaded with both authorities to arrive at a consensus to no avail. His appeals for high quarters to resolve the dispute he says too, have fallen on deaf ears.

“Instead, each authority is expecting me to obey it and disobey the other. My local authority has its own power, my Ministry has its own power too. I am the powerless one in the middle, the grass that has to suffer while 2 elephants fight.”

He went on to explain that he has greater details, and is in need of help from anyone who truly cares about him.

He said “I am using social media because I have been refused audience in my Ministry, and that is because some persons coming from a certain region, have sufficiently poisoned the heart of my hierarchy against me.”

Frankline Njume is non stranger to controversy. Especially since the escalation of the Anglophone crisis into an armed conflict, he has been one of the most known progovernment supporters and had often been accused of tribalism and hate speech.

Mimi Mefo Info