Police officer supplying arms to separatist fighters arrested in Tiko

A 1st grade police officer, whose name we got as Richard Moka Mokosso is now under police custody.

Mokosso was arrested Wednesday, by elements of the 2nd Amphibious Battalion in Longstreet Tiko – over alleged supply of weapons to separatist fighters.

“He has done so on several occasions, authorities say it was not the first time,” says a source.

Our sources tell us the police officer had come from Buea where he is on duty and was expected to collect some money owed him from a certain Ebenezer Njoh Tengoh, a separatist fighter said to be operating in Mutengene.

The police officer has had over 38 weapons delivered to the fighter, reports say.

“The police officer had been an accomplice to the separatist fighters for quite a while as they collaborated to instil terror and attacks on the people of Mutengene and its environs,” MMI was told. Separatists have not reacted to the alledged collaboration with the military.

Mokosso was apprehended while in civilian attire. He was asked to call his client, who was also arrested.

The pair is currently under detention at the Southwest military branch in Buea with investigations into the matter presently ongoing.

It will now be left to the law enforcement officers to find out if there is much bigger police, separatist collaboration cartel.

Mimi Mefo Info