Over 500 mobile toilets to be installed in Douala ahead of CHAN 2021, AFCON 2022

The Douala City Council in the economic capital of Cameroon has made it a top priority to construct 500 public mobile toilets before the start of two of Africa’s biggest football tournaments in 2021 and 2022.

The Central African Nation is due to host the African Nations Cup (AFCON) in 2022, and the African Championship (CHAN) in 2021.

These toilets are going to serve the huge number of persons expected in the city of Douala due to the competitions and equally serve the people of the city when the competitions end, officials have said.

The city of Douala has often been criticised for its lack of public facilities such as toilets and public trash cans – which has earned the town the title of the country’s filthiest cities over the years.

To achieve this, the Douala City Council has launched an appeal to economic operators to financially assist in the provision of these mobile latrines.

The city of Douala has just over 40 mobile toilets that carter for the needs of more than four million people.

In relation to the upcoming competitions, the city of Douala is equally carrying out numerous infrastructural projects expected to be complete and ready to host the continental football tournaments.

Road networks and accommodation facilities are being given particular attention.

The CHAN and the AFCON were expected to be held in Cameroon in April 2020 and January 2021 respectively, but were unanimously moved a year later by CAF due to the corona virus pandemic on the African continent.

Solution to public toilet problem?

In July this year, the State said it was shutting down the Douche Mounicipale Douala branch of FINEX Voyage Travel Agency, after agency workers beat a Gendarme officer while he requested to use the toilet.

The gendarme later died at the hospital and his killers arrested. Debates over availability of public toilet and usage emerged.

Government was accused by its critics of neglecting the sector. It is hoped that this plans by the Douala city council will not only address the existing problem, but will be extended to other major cities in Cameroon.

Mimi Mefo Info