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National And International Roundup – 4th September 2020

Bamenda City Mayor and the SDO for Mezam have banned the circulation of commercial and private motorcycles in some parts of Bamenda. The decision signed today aims at curbing insecurity in the city. The administrators say most of the amba boys’ shooting is done with the use of motorcycles. Inhabitants say the measure targets just the consequences and not the root cause of the crisis for a permanent solution for peace.

The followup committee of the Major National Dialogue has called on government to increase productivity of the country’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Rehabilitation, DDR centers. This was among other proposals the Committee made at the end of its inaugural session at the Prime Minister’s office.

Authorities in Douala say they intend installing over 500 mobile toilets in the city. This they say, is in a bid to improve on the hygienic conditions in the city ahead of CHAN 2021 and AFCON 2022.

The deputy national communication secretary of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party says the party will stop at nothing to see justice prevail in Cameroon. Fah Elvis Tayong says the new executive members appointed by president Maurice Kamto will reinforce the fight for democracy and justice in Cameroon.

The indigenes of Bonasama, Douala IV in the Littoral region are standing against the appointment of a non indigene as a traditional ruler in the community. They tabled their petition to the D.O. of Douala IV today in the course of a peaceful protest.

Critics think the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party’s threats to boycott regional elections in Cameroon is based on the fact that the party has few municipal councillors and thus fears failure.

Seven members of government have today visited flood prone areas in Maroua in the Far North region of Cameroon. The delegation headed by Minister Paul Atanga Nji of territorial administration is taking stock of what needs to be done to prevent flood in the area. The area has been hit by flood this year.

The authorities in Ethiopia have launched a mobile service which allows people to receive their coronavirus test results through an SMS. The results will be available three hours after one is tested, the Ethiopian Public Health Institute director Meseud Mohammed said. A short code 8335 will be used to send notifications with the results.

The Mozambican health authorities have expressed concern over the rising Covid-19 cases and the growing number of people going to hospital. The health system could be saturated by the trend, National Deputy Director of Public Health Benigna Matsinhe warned. Dr Matsinhe said it was time to increase preventive measures, as she believes that there are many people infected with Covid-19, travelling around the country.

Malawi’s president has said that his country’s poverty is due to the misrule of his predecessors. “The poverty of our people is man-made, which means it can and must be unmade,” Lazarus Chakwera said in his first state of the nation address since being elected in June. He promised to end corruption by making the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) fully independent and resourced to investigate and prosecute financial crimes.

A powerful rebel group in Sudan has signed a declaration of principles with the government – raising hopes that it will eventually sign a peace agreement. The SPLM-North Abdelaziz al Hilu faction was a notable absentee when other rebel groups signed a peace deal this week. But the group’s leader Abdelaziz al Hilu carried on talking with the government – and late on Thursday put his signature to a declaration of principles.

Nigeria has barred airlines from a number of countries as it resumes international passenger flights on Saturday. Ten airlines have not been allowed to operate – including Air France, KLM Royal Dutch from the Netherlands, Lufthansa from Germany, and Etihad Airways from the United Arab Emirates. This is because Nigerians with tourist visas are not allowed entry into those countries.

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