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National And International News Roundup – September 1st, 2020

An uneasy calm now reigns in Small Mankon Bamenda after a military raid in the quarter this afternoon. The military was retaliating to the killing of a police inspector by separatist fighters around City Chemist quarter. Inhabitants say military destroyed small business tables they found along the way as they searched for the boys.

All activities came to a halt in a greater part of Bamenda this afternoon as military men fire gunshots several times in search of killers of a police man. A police source says when their colleague was killed, military was deployed and policemen asked to go back to the station.

The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa based in Buea says it carried out methodological investigation of human rights violation in the anglophone regions of Cameroon that cannot be challenged. An expert from the centre speaking on Equinoxe television this evening says they receive threats from both separatists and the military for doing their job. The centre published documented cases of human rights violation committed by the military from May to August 2020.

How important is the condemnation of heinous activities in the crisis zone without action for a positive changes? The question many are asking as Cameroon Minister of Women’s affairs and the promotion of the family condemned the killing of women and girls in the anglophone regions. Marie Therese Abene says the lives of girls and women equally matter.

Four people have been killed and seven others wounded in Kouyape village, Kolofata Sub Division in Mayo Sava Division in the Far North of Cameroon. The attack was carried out by elements of Boko Haram at about 1 :00 a.m. this morning. Military men retaliated killing the insurgents.

Residents of Belo in the North West region have raised concerns over the arrest of some men accused of being separatist fighters. Contrary to information posted on government propaganda social media pages, the men, locals say were builders and farmers not separatist fighters.

A total of 15,077 additional people have registered on the electoral list in Cameroon this year. These were figures given by Elections Cameroon today while giving an appraisal of the end of electoral revision exercise yesterday. The organ has mentioned that COVID-19 paralysed it’s activities throughout the national territory.

The payment of fees and examination fee for secondary schools in Cameroon starts today for 2020/2021 school year. The Minister of secondary education says the payment should be done mainly electronically. It remains unclear how people in rural places will cope with the measure.

The Zambian government says it is “disturbed” by allegations that the country’s main opposition leader benefited from the privatisation of state-owned assets in the 1990s. Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development (UPND) has been accused of using his position as a consultant during the privatisation process to amass wealth, something he vehemently denies.

At least 90 people have died and nearly 400,000 have been affected following severe flooding in Sudan. The UN says heavy rains triggered flooding and a rise of the river Nile up to nearly 17.5 metres, the highest level in 100 years. The organisation says access to clean water which is critical for hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic has also been affected.

The former Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir, has appeared in court at the start of his trial over the military coup in which he took power in 1989. Alongside several co-accused he was in a metal cage wearing white prison-issue clothes. Mr Bashir was ousted in April last year by military officers following months of nationwide street protests.

Mozambique has begun the second phase of easing Covid-19 restrictive measures under the country’s latest state of emergency. Cinemas, casinos, theatres, gymnasiums, driving schools and motorised sports have been allowed to reopen starting Tuesday. They will all be required to frequently disinfect their premises and equipment and all people coming in to wear face masks and wash their hands.

US R&B singer Akon, who has been talking since 2018 about building a new city in Senegal, said at a press conference on Monday that construction work will start next year. He said that the identities of the investors cannot be revealed but that a third of the $6bn (£5bn) funding had been secured. The architect behind the city, Hussein Bakri, said the city’s population would eventually reach 300,000.

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