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National And International News Roundup – 14th September 2020

The group Stand Up for Cameroon, Popular Action Party and other political groups have endorsed calls from the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party for a non violent manifestation to oust president Paul Biya . These groups and political parties held meetings with the CRM party at the weekend.

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has instructed the governors of the West, Centre and Litoral regions to deploy law enforcement officers on the field and arrest anyone violating government restrictions against any public manifestations come September 22, 2020. This decision by the Minister of Territorial Administration comes up as the MRC party braces up for a nationwide manifestation against the regime of president Paul Biya come September 22, 2020.

Undeclared meetings and manifestations have been prohibited in Mezam division. The SDO signed the decision this day. Similar instructions from the ministry of territorial administration have been given to administrators in the Centre, West and Littoral regions.

The UNIVERS party has decided against participating during the upcoming December 6, 2020 Regional Elections due to Political realism. According to the party inner circle, they have little chances of breaking through during the upcoming elections as the CPDM has a monopoly of electorates across the 10 regions.

Dr. Nick Ngwayam has said Prof. Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party does not love anglophones. Speaking on Equinoxe TV this evening, the educationist said Kamto has for four years been indifferent to the plight of people suffering in the war zone. To him, speeches made by Kamto are merely empty with no concrete actions, and Cameroon will be better if militants of the CPDM keep aside egoism and think of how to solve problems.

Inhabitants of the North West region of Cameroon say extending operation “Bamenda Clean” to other towns and villages in the region will be detrimental. The governor of the North West made the announcement of the extension at the weekend in a coordination meeting. To Adolph Lele L’Afrique, the operation will go on until all separatists are eradicated.

The Northwest region has surprisingly emerged top in the recent Baccalaureate scoring charts despite the insecurity in the region. Out of 106 candidate who registered in the examinations, 103 took part and 63 passed, giving it a total percentage of 59.22%. The Litoral region is second with 54.91% and the Southwest 3rd with 51.80%

Mandela Centre International is calling on government to release dozens of people arrested and detained in Moloundou in Boumba et Ngoko division in the East region of Cameroon.The people were arrested on the 12th of September for non possession of national identity cards. The NGO says government has long suspended the establishment of ID cards in Moloundou following tension in neighbouring Central African Republic.

Cameroon Music artist, Longue Longue is currently receiving medical attention. He was involved in a a car accident yesterday in Douala. His car was reportedly hit by a truck.

The head coach of the indomitable lions of Cameroon has called to camp 32 players to camp. No local player has been invited by the head coach Antonio Conceicao. The players will train in Netherlands from the 5th to the 13th of October 2020 before playing a friendly against Japan.

A government official in Tanzania’s north-western Kagera region has been giving details about the fire which swept through a school dormitory in the early hours of Monday, burning to death 10 children. “This dormitory was housing 74 pupils and when it caught fire the pupils started fleeing, but due to the impact of the fire some couldn’t make it on time,” regional commissioner Marco Gaguti told Reuters news agency. The cause of the fire at the Byamungu English Medium Primary School has not yet been established.

A film-maker has been arrested for allegedly recording a porn movie at the Osun-Osogbo scared grove in western Nigeria, police say. The Osun-Osogbho sacred grove, home to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility, is a Unesco world heritage site in a forest on the outskirts of Osun state. Police said the film-maker, Tobiloba Jolaosho, popularly known as King Tblak HOC, was arrested for allegedly recording a “sex movie” in the forest.

The man portrayed as a hero in a Hollywood movie about the Rwandan genocide has been charged with terrorism, murder among other crimes.
Paul Rusesabagina declined to enter any pleas in court but his lawyers denied the charges against him. Mr Rusesabagina is the leader of the opposition MRCD group which is said to have an armed wing, the FLN, which stages attacks on Rwanda. He was brought to the court under heavy security in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.

One person has died and two others have been seriously injured in a collision involving three vehicles and a train in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, authorities say. The Lagos state emergency agency (Lasema) said the dead person was one of two passengers in an SUV that collided with a moving train in the Oshodi area on Monday morning. It is unclear how the accident happened, but it seems the three vehicles were trying to cross the rail track and were unable to make it in time.

One of Nigeria’s largest healthcare unions has started a week-long strike to demand better pay and working conditions. The Joint Health Sector Union, which includes nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians, is also complaining about poor infrastructure. The union says it will embark on an indefinite strike if the government does not meet its demands within seven days.

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