Maurice Kamto and Kah Walla discuss “departure of Biya regime”

Two of Cameron’s front line opposition leaders, Professor Maurice Kamto and Edith Kah Wallah met this Sunday, September 13, 2020, in Douala.

It is the first time since the holding of the 2018 presidential election, that both leaders of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party and Cameroon People Party are meeting.

kah and Kamto have opted to boycott the upcoming regional elections, calling for a political transition in Cameroon, but for over the years they have been trying to achieve that goal, via diverse political agenda.

“Meeting this 13 September 2020 in Douala between the leaders of #StandUpForCameroon and the MRC. Discussion for collaboration in view of the departure of the Biya regime and the beginning of the #PoliticalTransition for Cameroon. Interesting first meeting. Other meetings are to come,” Kah Walla, the CPP leader said after the brief chat with Kamto.

Their discussions also centred around recent political happenings and possibilities of working together, Mimi Mefo Info was told.

Our inside sources have however not confirmed whether the MRC’s announced September 22 protest was also discussed.

Like the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party, Kah Walla’s Cameroon People’s Party and the Stand Up For Cameroon Movement have refused to partake in the December election.

This is not the first time the CPP is refusing to partake in elections in Cameroon. For years now, the party and the Stand Up for Cameroon Movement have denied taking part in elections, maintaining calls for a political transition.

Mimi Mefo Info