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Jungle justice takes precedence in the Nde Division as 5 thieves killed in one week

The Nde Division in the West region has seen increased violence as the population in the past week have taken justice into their own hands – killing 5 suspected thieves, one of whom is an Anglophone Cameroonian.

At the helm of these actions are commercial bike riders. Having gotten extremely frustrated with their bikes often stolen by these thieves, they decided to handle things their own way. On two occasions, the victims were collected right from the hands of the gendarmerie officers before being lynched to death as reported by the “Le Jour Newspaper”.

The newspaper reports that the first incident which involved an Anglophone took place in Bazou. They got enraged by how their colleague was robbed and violently assaulted by unidentified individuals as they demanded their first victim to be released to them by the gendarmes. “… as they hunted for the thieves they recognized their colleague’s bike in the hands of an individual who is equally an Anglophone working in a garage. He tried denying his participation in the assault but the crowd was having non-of-it. He escaped to the gendarmerie where he was put under security but the bike riders threatened to burn down the station if he was not handed over. He was handed to them and was beaten to death. His body was abandoned a few meters away from the brigade” narrates the “Le Jour” Newspaper.

A similar incident equally happened days later in Bagangte as commercial bike riders pursued a man who took refuge in gendarmerie brigade. After much pressure mounted by the bike riders, he was equally released by the gendarmes. He was equally lynched to death. Three other thieves too will, later on, be killed in Bassama, a second in Bagangte, and another in Bazou.

Mimi Mefo info