“I am now an opponent of President Paul Biya… he is wicked and does not deserve to rule this country” Romeo Dika

Romeo Dika, renowned Cameroon musician and former staunch activist for the ruling Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) has taken the most daring of steps by publicly criticizing President Paul Biya. He says the president owes him money which he claims are for his years of loyal services to the ruling party, CPDM.

The musician’s declarations were made on “Radio des Artistes” in the presence of another CPDM bigwig, Prof Pascal Messanga Nyamnding.

Romeo Dika expressed virulently his stacked up anger against Paul Biya who is equally the National president for the CPDM, the political formation for Which Romeo Dika militates.

“I prefer to become an opponent and I tell you to the face. I am now an opponent of Paul Biya” he told Pascal Messanga Nyamnding on the radio.

“For 16 years, he didn’t pay me my money. He cannot let Frank Biya or Junior Paul Biya work and not pay him for 16 years. A father cannot do it to his son. I say it openly, he is mean, he does not deserve to continue to lead Cameroon. He received me three times in person, he made me drink champagne in his house. He said to me ‘Go back to Yaounde, I will pay this money…But he did not do it because I’m in Douala and he does not like Duala” yelled the singer.

Romeo Dika has become the latest of the few public figures to daringly lash out at the president of the Republic. Many fear for what might become of Romeo Dika after such bold claims on the radio. Not many have managed to remain unperturbed in the country after such declarations.

Mimi Mefo Info