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Gun battle causes chaos in Bamenda

There is panic in Bamenda as gun battles have left residents running for their lives. From City Chemist to Small Mankon and Commercial Avenue, business places have shut down.

Reports say an office caught fire at City Chemist as gendarmerie elements, the police and fire fighters moved in and fighting has ensued.

“I’m at the Big Mankon entrance now and many people have taken to their heels to safer places while stores and shops have closed down as at now..” said a resident.

“Everyone Bda in Bamendada is on a run as I speak, serious shooting going on…The police here just firing and firing,” said one of them.

Other reports suggest an inspector of police has been killed, leading to the outrage by security forces.

“Food market in Bamenda has just closed due to gun shots. The rumour is that an inspector of police has been killed. At hospital junction” a source says.