Gregoire Owona reacts to Romeo Dika’s “lies, hatred”

The Deputy Secretary General of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), has reacted to the accusations made by resigned CPDM militant Louise Romeo Dika.

Owona describes the ace musician’s accusations as “lies” and an attempt to “spread hatred” among the Cameroonian people.

The Cameroon music icon few days ago had the media buzzing after he decided to make a public show of his fallout with the Head of States, Paul Biya and the entire CPDM party over the nonpayment of accumulated benefits worth 90 Million FCFA.

Romeo Dika accused President Paul Biya of being untrustworthy and not deserving of being a president for the Cameroonian people. He added that Professor Maurice Kamto, President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM will make a better president for the country after Biya.

Louise Romeo Dika also mentioned in one of his media tirades that the ruling CPDM party had been hijacked by certain key individuals who now manage it to suit personal objectives.

He also claimed that the reason for which he had not been paid his acclaimed 90 Million FCFA was due to the fact that he denied to adhere to certain conditions laid out by these individuals.

Feeling directly targeted by Louise Romeo Dika’s accusations, Deputy Secretary General of the CPDM party, Gregoire Owona reacted on his Facebook Page on September 14, 2020, in a bid to counter the accusations.

“I would like to thank you all for not having accepted all these hatred, all these lies and insanities that certain newspapers or certain radio stations and social media networks have seen fit to broadcast …coming from people in need of popularity and buzz…,” he wrote. “Thank you to all those knowing me did not believe it.”

“Indeed, they are only lies both as regards my private and family life and as regards the nonpayment of tens and sometimes hundreds of millions. Let us continue through to the path of development which only makes sense in work, discipline and love, a path so well traced by President Paul Biya,” read the post on Owona’s Facebook timeline.

Mimi Mefo Info