Governor bans unauthorised public demonstrations in Centre region

Amidst Maurice Kamto’s brewing revolution due for 22nd September, 2020, the governor of the centre region, Naseri Paul Bea yesterday 11 September,2020 took an administrative decision banning all public demonstrations in the centre region unless there were authorised by the competent authorities.

The decree of the Centre Region governor specified that “any contravention of the provision of this decree will be exposed to penalties provided by the regulations in force”. Though it has not been openly revealed in the decree why the governor has sought to ban all public demonstrations, it is however very evident it is as an effort to thwart the CRM’s planned public demonstration nationwide announced for the 22nd of September, 2020. The demonstration by Kamto and his party is to show discontent to the regime over the organisation of the December 6, 2020 regional elections.

The CRM president, Maurice Kamto had earlier warned in February and in August that any organisation of elections in Cameroon without fulfilling some preconditions set by the CRM, amongst which was the complete resolution of the Anglophone crisis, will be met with a stiff opposition, even if it meant going violent. “…Any summoning of the electorate by the illegal and illegitimate government of Yaounde without taking to account an effective implementation of our two conditions will automatically result to the launch of a gigantic national campaign to call for the departure of Mr. Biya…” declared Kamto in August.

Kamto’s declarations prompted a wave of reactions from the government, amongst which were foul threats by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji during a press conference, promising Maurice Kamto arrests and life imprisonment sentences should there be any efforts to disturb the smooth running of the upcoming regional elections in the country.

Mimi Mefo Info