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Former Kamto ally urges government to intensify crackdown on Anglophones

Copyrights photo: Celestin Djamen

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC leader, Maurice Kamto has fallen out with some of his allies ever since he left the Kondengui prison in Yaounde.

One of them is Celestin Djanem who was shot and later jailed alongside the politician and President Paul Biya’s main challenger in the 2018 Presidential election.

“…The state must shoot the Anglophones who do not want to side with it. Bandits hear only violence and little dialogue” he said on Mediafrique TV on Sunday, where he and other panelists were quizzed on how to address the Anglophone crisis.

Djamen went on to talk down on his former party for deciding to boycott upcoming regional elections. Describing it as “a small party”, he termed its hold up and election plans ” senseless.”

“The State must not waver in the face of thugs… the State must remain standing and stop this stupidity at some point by starting by shutting down the well-known TV channel which makes the propaganda of this small party every evening” he went on.

Celestin Djamen is not alone on his trail. Paul Eric Kingue, mayor of Njombe Penja has been carrying out similar actions, criticising his former ally Kamto whenever he gets the chance to.

Professor Maurice Kamto, the MRC leader has not commented on their outings.

Kamto’s MRC, the Cameroon People’s party -CPP and the Social Democratic Front-SDF, have so far said they will not be participating in upcoming regional elections, calling on government to first address the four-year old armed conflict in the North West and South West regions.

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