Five persons detained in Yaounde over leaked BACC exams

Five persons have been sent to Kondengui including an 18 year old student in connection with leaked Baccalaureate exams.

Arrested and detained some weeks ago over the leaked exam paper.

Approximately physics, chemistry and SVT tests initially designed for the science classes had somehow been leaked on the internet, thereby forcing the authorities to cancel them and reschedule other subjects.

Arrested in connection with the scandal a month ago, they were yesterday sent to prison.

amongst those detained is 18 -year- old Gassam Noche Gervais Kevin, final year student at the Bagante High School.

Freelance journalist Boris Bertolt revealed that the student received the leaks on the eve of the exams and shared it to his friends and classmates.

Upon realisation, the teenager was arrested and taken to Yaounde where he has now been sent to jail along with 4 other persons including a teacher from Melong and three temporary teachers from Penja in the Litoral.

The detention of the five comes two weeks after the Minster of Secondary Education; Dr. Nalova Lyonga gave sanctions against seven serving officials at the Cameroon Baccalaureate office (OBC). The administrative investigation established that they were the authors of the leaks.