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City mayor says security of the population of Bamenda is priority

The mayor of the city of Bamenda has stated that inconveniences experienced by owners of motorcycles and inhabitants of Bamenda following the start of the implementation of a decision demarcating where motorcycles should operate is temporary.

Speaking to Mimi Mefo Info on phone Wednesday September 9th 2020, Paul Achombong Tembeng was of the opinion that inhabitants of Bamenda will soon adapt to inconveniences caused by the new decision aimed at maximizing security.

According to the mayor, “Setting a demarcation of where motorcycles should operate and where they should not is not a punitive measure but a protective and security one that will benefit everyone in Bamenda. “Our intention is not to render anyone jobless but if a commercial motorcycle thinks his area of work is too small to make money, then he can reconvert to become a taxi driver and operate in the entire city of Bamenda”.

Reacting to the worries and complaints of taxi drivers that are being threatened by separatist fighters to stay home to further paralyze the town, Paul Achobong Tembeng says taxi drivers should stand against fear and carry out their activity while adding that the security service is there to protect them.

“Separatists are oppressing the people. Their attacks and activity makes the town to lose billions of francs cfa and other material damages” he says.

Given that the town has been partially paralyzed since the implementation of the decision that have limited commercial motorcycles to work only in some quarters of the town, the City Mayor adds that “Motorcycles in these places will organize themselves with the assistance of the administration and the security service to better fish out recalcitrant people that may want to infiltrate and commit atrocities.”

“Let me add that 99% of commercial motorcycle riders in Bamenda are honourable people but they are a few bad ones.Separatists sometimes force them and use their motorcycles to carry out their crimes. They have to stand against that”.

The city mayor celebrates that poor state of roads in most parts of Bamenda couple with the decision limiting where motorcycles will operate will greatly frustrate actions of separatists. He says “… it will not be easy to commit a crime while in a taxi and go without being apprehended by the military. This is not the case with motorcycles where defaulters and criminals can easily escape”

As several inhabitants of Bamenda continue to complain against military brutality, the mayor of Bamenda acknowledges a few excesses by the security but states that “…these are collateral damages when separatists attack. These excesses cannot be compared to the destruction, killings and brutality meted on the locals by separatist fighters. We should commend the military for a job well-done”.

As commercial motorcycle riders and some people in Bamenda say motorcycles have been banned in Bamenda,mayor Paul Achobong Tembeng is of the opinion that “The decision has mainly demarcated areas of work to ensure security. Riders have not been rendered jobless while taxi drivers equally have a great role to play in the transportation sector in Bamenda”.

As the administration of Mezam and Bamenda City Mayor remain determine in the continuous implementation,the locals have been paying the heavy prize by trekking in places where commercial motorcycles used to be of help.

Mimi Mefo Info.