Children Should Go To School – Mark Bareta

As schools are expected to resume in Cameroon in the days ahead, uncertainty reigns in the North West and South West Regions of the country.
Aside having the COVID-19 disease to deal with, learners in these two English-speaking regions have to meander through bullets from armed men and state forces.

Amidst the uncertainty, Ambazonia activist, Mark Bareta says schools should go on in places that are safe in the restive regions.

In a statement published today, Bareta says “the Southern Cameroons liberation struggle is not about school boycott anymore. That phase of the resistance is over.”

He insists that Southern Cameroonians are not against children going to school.
“What we have consistently said is that the right to life is more important than the right to education. As such, where the security situation permits, children should go to school,” he said. “This is evident in various areas where schooling is ongoing because the security situation permits.”

Bareta furthers that given the sporadic nature of fighting, Ambazonia Forces cannot guarantee the safe schooling of children.
“In areas possible, Ambazonia Forces should allow the schooling of children especially one that stops the singing of colonial anthem,” said Bareta. “Most subjects except history are generic and same with countries all over the world. Students can engage with those subjects.”

We have consistently asked our Defense Forces to understand that churches, hospitals and schools are some holy grounds in times of war and must not be a subject to any attack or used as a shield, Bareta adds.
Bareta says they’ll continue to enforce ghost towns every Monday, but a lockdown, whenever necessary, will not exceed three days.

“The central message and position of Mark Bareta is that where possible schools should go on as long as the security situation permits but schools with French Cameroun teachers and funny type of teaching must close immediately. Ambazonia Forces in their area of command know best how to deal with these especially with the prevailing security situation. They have our prayers and blessings all the time.”

Mimi Mefo Info