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National And International News Roundup – 15th September 2020

Cameroonians have been appreciating Mimi Mefo Info (MMI) in its mission of publishing verified news happening in Cameroon and other countries. As the leading online news site clocks two years today, the MMI team has increased its audience and readers by introducing the French language for the publication of news.

The Minister of territorial administration says no manifestation next week will be considered a non violent one with defaulters to face the wrath of the administration. In a release signed by Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi, he says the manifestations are unconstitutional.

Militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement in the North West threaten to order for the arrest of any journalist who dares to cover a process of selecting candidates for municipal election. The meeting chaired by Philemon Yang is taking place at the moment at Ayaba Hotel

Operation “Bamenda Clean” enters the second week with the inhabitants of Bamenda decrying military harassment. Besides, victims say military men practically extort money from them by demanding receipts for all valuable items in their houses.

The Divisional Chairperson of the CRM party in Yaounde was today arrested and detained in SED as he went to declare a public manifestation for September 22 at the DO’s office. Government authorities across the country have been putting together measures against the upcoming protests scheduled for September 22, 2020 as Maurice Kamto says would be a peaceful protest meant at demanding the president to step down from power.

The Divisional Officer for Maroua II has not issued an official response following a letter of declaration of protest deposited by militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party. To militants of the party, the main aim of the protest next week is to flush the regime of President Paul Biya and put in place a transitional government. To them, the regime has failed Cameroonians at all levels since 1982.

Jean Marc Bikoko of the civil society has stated that there cannot be a change of leadership at the helm of Cameroon through the ballot box but through a political transition. Speaking on Canal 2 international this evening, he endorses the call made by Prof. Maurice Kamto for Cameroonians to come out at mass to force Paul Biya out of power.

Cameroonians in the Philippines today mourn a fellow compatriots, Bobga Daryl, 23, who was today discovered dead in his room in the Philippines Capital, Manila. Bobga Daryl was found dead while seated on a chair by his room mate as he returned from work. The Philippines police have now taken custody of the young Cameroonian’s body for an autopsy to uncover cause.

The National Weather Observatory has predicted bad conditions for the South West, Littoral, North West and West regions in the coming days. Their recent reports have predicted a plethora of natural disasters like floods and landslides caused by rains which will pour from September 11-20

The President of the National Episcopal council has expressed worries over the present Socio-politocal climate with heavy criticisms on the electoral code. Mgr. Abraham Kome said that the government’s unwillingness to revise the electoral code and grant a voice to opposition parties that cry foul is rather making things more tensed particularly with the upcoming regional elections.

The the deputy Secretary General of the CPDM party, Gregoire Owona has responded to Romeo Dika’s accusations of the CPDM and President Paul Biya. He called them lies and a desperate attempt to spread the hatred to the Cameroonian people. Romeo Dika had some days earlier publicly accused the President of owing him unpaid benefits worth 90 million FCFA.

The former president of Mali, Moussa Traoré, has died at home in the capital, Bamako. He was 83. Mr Traoré took power in a coup in 1968 and remained president until he was ousted by the military in 1991. He has played the role of elder statesman in recent years, advising the younger generation of Malian politicians.

Four men have been arrested by police in Somalia after a teenage girl was raped and murdered. Police say that on Friday the teenage girl was sexually abused by a gang and then thrown from a six-storey building in the capital, Mogadishu. The incident has sparked outrage with hundreds of women taking to the streets of Mogadishu on Sunday to protest and demand justice.

One of Nigeria’s main labour unions, the Trade Union Congress, has threatened to shut down the country if the government fails to reverse the hike in the pump price of petrol and the electricity tariff. In a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, the union issued a seven-day ultimatum to meet their demands or witness indefinite industrial action and national protests. This is the first major reaction from a labour union to the tariff hikes in two key sectors introduced by the government last week.

More than half a million people have been affected by severe flooding in Ethiopia, with some places recording the heaviest rains in a century, the minister for water and irrigation Seleshi Bekele has said. About 200,000 have been left homeless by the floods which have swept through at least five of Ethiopia’s 10 regions, he added. The floods have killed livestock, destroyed crops and damaged homes and public infrastructure to an extent not seen in decades.

An Algerian journalist convicted of undermining national unity has had his prison sentence reduced to two years on appeal. Khaled Drareni was originally sentenced to three years in jail – he’s been detained since March. He runs a news website and is also a correspondent for French TV5 Monde.

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National And International News Roundup – 14th September 2020

The group Stand Up for Cameroon, Popular Action Party and other political groups have endorsed calls from the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party for a non violent manifestation to oust president Paul Biya . These groups and political parties held meetings with the CRM party at the weekend.

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has instructed the governors of the West, Centre and Litoral regions to deploy law enforcement officers on the field and arrest anyone violating government restrictions against any public manifestations come September 22, 2020. This decision by the Minister of Territorial Administration comes up as the MRC party braces up for a nationwide manifestation against the regime of president Paul Biya come September 22, 2020.

Undeclared meetings and manifestations have been prohibited in Mezam division. The SDO signed the decision this day. Similar instructions from the ministry of territorial administration have been given to administrators in the Centre, West and Littoral regions.

The UNIVERS party has decided against participating during the upcoming December 6, 2020 Regional Elections due to Political realism. According to the party inner circle, they have little chances of breaking through during the upcoming elections as the CPDM has a monopoly of electorates across the 10 regions.

Dr. Nick Ngwayam has said Prof. Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party does not love anglophones. Speaking on Equinoxe TV this evening, the educationist said Kamto has for four years been indifferent to the plight of people suffering in the war zone. To him, speeches made by Kamto are merely empty with no concrete actions, and Cameroon will be better if militants of the CPDM keep aside egoism and think of how to solve problems.

Inhabitants of the North West region of Cameroon say extending operation “Bamenda Clean” to other towns and villages in the region will be detrimental. The governor of the North West made the announcement of the extension at the weekend in a coordination meeting. To Adolph Lele L’Afrique, the operation will go on until all separatists are eradicated.

The Northwest region has surprisingly emerged top in the recent Baccalaureate scoring charts despite the insecurity in the region. Out of 106 candidate who registered in the examinations, 103 took part and 63 passed, giving it a total percentage of 59.22%. The Litoral region is second with 54.91% and the Southwest 3rd with 51.80%

Mandela Centre International is calling on government to release dozens of people arrested and detained in Moloundou in Boumba et Ngoko division in the East region of Cameroon.The people were arrested on the 12th of September for non possession of national identity cards. The NGO says government has long suspended the establishment of ID cards in Moloundou following tension in neighbouring Central African Republic.

Cameroon Music artist, Longue Longue is currently receiving medical attention. He was involved in a a car accident yesterday in Douala. His car was reportedly hit by a truck.

The head coach of the indomitable lions of Cameroon has called to camp 32 players to camp. No local player has been invited by the head coach Antonio Conceicao. The players will train in Netherlands from the 5th to the 13th of October 2020 before playing a friendly against Japan.

A government official in Tanzania’s north-western Kagera region has been giving details about the fire which swept through a school dormitory in the early hours of Monday, burning to death 10 children. “This dormitory was housing 74 pupils and when it caught fire the pupils started fleeing, but due to the impact of the fire some couldn’t make it on time,” regional commissioner Marco Gaguti told Reuters news agency. The cause of the fire at the Byamungu English Medium Primary School has not yet been established.

A film-maker has been arrested for allegedly recording a porn movie at the Osun-Osogbo scared grove in western Nigeria, police say. The Osun-Osogbho sacred grove, home to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility, is a Unesco world heritage site in a forest on the outskirts of Osun state. Police said the film-maker, Tobiloba Jolaosho, popularly known as King Tblak HOC, was arrested for allegedly recording a “sex movie” in the forest.

The man portrayed as a hero in a Hollywood movie about the Rwandan genocide has been charged with terrorism, murder among other crimes.
Paul Rusesabagina declined to enter any pleas in court but his lawyers denied the charges against him. Mr Rusesabagina is the leader of the opposition MRCD group which is said to have an armed wing, the FLN, which stages attacks on Rwanda. He was brought to the court under heavy security in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.

One person has died and two others have been seriously injured in a collision involving three vehicles and a train in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, authorities say. The Lagos state emergency agency (Lasema) said the dead person was one of two passengers in an SUV that collided with a moving train in the Oshodi area on Monday morning. It is unclear how the accident happened, but it seems the three vehicles were trying to cross the rail track and were unable to make it in time.

One of Nigeria’s largest healthcare unions has started a week-long strike to demand better pay and working conditions. The Joint Health Sector Union, which includes nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians, is also complaining about poor infrastructure. The union says it will embark on an indefinite strike if the government does not meet its demands within seven days.

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National And International News Roundup – 11th September 2020

Inhabitants of Bamenda are today more than ever skeptical over what will become of the military operation called “Bamenda Clean”.This follows the killing of three civilians today by suspected military men at a place called mile 90. The three were in a vehicle as they left Batibo and were returning to Bamenda.The military has not reacted to the accusation.

The Governor of the North West region of Cameroon says security service has a major challenge of maintaining peace in the region for the interest of all. Adolph Lele L’Afrique made the statement in a coordination meeting today in Bamenda. This follows operation ‘Bamenda clean’.

Police dispersed indigenes of villages in Bonanjo, Bali, Youpwe and Bois de Singe in Douala as they protested against the appointment of chiefs that are not from the land. Last week, the people of Bonasama carried out a similar protest.

A 46 year old man is in detention in Douala following accusations of raping his step daughter. Witnesses of the incident at New Bell recount that the mother of the 14 year girl raised an alarm claiming to have caught them red handed.

Results of the Baccalaureate exams have been published this evening. Candidates are to get their results from sending an SMS on 8070 in any network.

Cameroon’s intermidiate Lions will stay a joint training session till 15th of September. The team will participate at the African Football Championship (CHAN) from the 16th of January to February 7th 2021. In a decision from CAF, the name of the Championship remains CHAN 2020 despite the fact that it will take place in 2021.

Floods, coming from exceptional rainfall, have killed more than 200 people and affected over a million more, in a band of countries from Senegal to Sudan, AFP news agency quotes the UN as saying. Julie Belanger from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is quoted by AFP as saying that, in 11 countries in West and Central Africa, 760,000 people have been impacted and 110 killed, “and the rains are not over”. A further 103 people have died in Sudan, AFP quotes the country’s civil defence organisation as saying.

An expert in using satellites to monitor farming – including the breeding of locusts – is one of the winners of the 2020 Africa Food Prize. Ugandan Dr Catherine Nakalembe was awarded the prize alongside Dr André Bationo of Burkina Faso who works on improving fertiliser technology. Dr Nakalembe won the award for her research into promoting food security in Africa.

South Africa’s rail freight company Transnet has suspended business dealings with the Chinese train manufacturer CRRC, over contract disputes, but it may have to reverse that ban to get its locomotives repaired. Transnet is taking legal action against the Chinese company to enforce payment on penalties levied against the company for cost overruns in a contract to supply hundreds of locomotives. CRRC, which is the world’s biggest train manufacturer, owes at least $3bn (£2.3bn), because of problems over a contract shared by four companies, to supply 1,064 locomotives to Transnet.

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has announced the reopening of schools and bars as Covid-19 cases begin to slow. Addressing parliament in Lusaka on Friday, Mr Lungu said schools, colleges and universities would now reopen between 14 and 23 September. Only students in examination classes had been attending classes. Mr Lungu said bars would partially open on a pilot basis while observing precautionary measures such as social distancing and sanitising of hands.

Students in the Nigerian town of Chibok have been taking secondary school exams there for the first time since more than 200 girls were abducted by Boko Haram in 2014. Parents and staff in Chibok have told the BBC they were happy that their children could take their exams closer to home. For many years local students had to travel to major northern cities, including Maiduguri and Jos, to sit exams. This often meant travelling long distances across bad roads.

The Senegalese army says about 100 of its soldiers from the peacekeeping mission in The Gambia have tested positive for coronavirus. The military contingent composed of 600 soldiers was returning home. They have been quarantined in Toubacouta, on Senegalese territory near the border with The Gambia, as a precautionary measure. Those who tested positive are asymptomatic. More tests are being done.

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National And International News Roundup – 10th September 2020

Cyril Sam MBAKA has resigned from the Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU). The politician has served as the vice president of the CDU for close to three decades. Commentators say his decision follows the non respect of party discipline by Patricia Tomaino Ndam Njoya, President of the party.

The Sub Divisional Officer for Lokoundje Sub Division, South region has been transferred. This is contained in a Presidential decree signed yesterday. Eyono Ebanga Franck Derling is accused of killing his girl friend Lydinne Solange Taba few weeks ago. The family of the girl says she’s been denied justice.

Following the launch of a military operation code named “Bamenda Clean”, people are reluctant to travel to Bamenda .Travel agencies in Douala transporting people to Bamenda remain scanty. To workers of these agencies, the fact that commercial motorcycles have been banned in many places in the city makes transportation within the town difficult.

The Governor of the Littoral region says inhabitants of the city of Douala that would not comply with sanitary measures will face sanctions. Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboa visited different quarters in Douala today. He appreciated people at Nkolmitag, Douala II for cleaning gutters to reduce the risk of flood.

One year after the announcement of grand national dialogue by the President to discuss the process of peace in the North West and South West, the situation of insecurity remains bad with killings taking place on daily bases.

As part of the fight against Coronavirus,  the Ambassador of China to Cameroon Wang Ying Wu  has offered medical and protective equipments to the Cameroon police. The consignment was handed over to the General Delegate for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguélé yesterday September 9, 2020.

A staff of the University Of Yaounde II Soa,  Orlan Emmanuel Abodo Epse Ndoumou yesterday lost her life in a tragic car accident in Mvan-Yaounde. Witnesses say she was driving almost alone on the road when she was put off to confusion by a loud horn from a heavy truck. She reportedly tried to clear to the side of the road when her vehicle lost control.

The African Nations Championship (CHAN) to be held in Cameroon now has an official date. The football jamboree will take place across Cameroon from January 16 to February 7, 2021. The competition was due to take place in April 2020 but was pushed forth to 2021 due to the. Outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A young boy today almost drowned in Douala after he tried to recover a lady’s purse which contained money. Witness say the woman promised the young 14 year old boy an amount of 100,000FCFA if he recovered her purse which contained 350,000FCFA. the boy threw himself into the drain to recover the purse but was himself trapped and needed a collective effort to help him out.

Rwandan opposition figure Paul Rusesabagina has been able to talk to his family for the first time since being detained on terror charges 10 days ago. His daughter Carine Kanimba told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme that he “sounded very strange”. Mr Rusesabagina is best known for his role in saving hundreds of Tutsis from the 1994 genocide, in which about 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed.

Police in Morocco say they’ve broken up a network of Islamic State group militants who were planning to carry out suicide bombings. Five arrests were made in simultaneous raids in the city of Tangiers and the Rabat region. Explosive belts and other equipment were seized. The suspects were said to be plotting attacks that aimed to destabilise the country. No details were given as to what the targets might have been.

Police in Nigeria have rescued five of the 10 people kidnapped from a suburb of the capital, Abuja. Gunmen attacked the area of Tungan Maje in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to residents, the attackers started shooting sporadically as they came into the area. The police say they responded swiftly to a distress call and engaged the attackers in a fierce gun battle. They then managed to rescue half of those who had been taken.

A group of Ethiopians who have just been flown back from Saudi Arabia have been speaking about their harsh treatment there. On Thursday, Ethiopian officials welcomed 147 women and children from a flight paid for by the Saudi authorities. Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia began deporting thousands of undocumented Ethiopian migrants, who had gone there looking for work.

Mauritius’ fisheries ministry has banned the sale and consumption of fish and seafood caught in a south-eastern lagoon after samples from the area returned positive tests for traces of hydrocarbons. About 1,000 tonnes of oil spilled into a sanctuary for rare wildlife after the Japanese-owned ship MV Wakashio struck a coral reef on 25 July. The National Coast Guard and the Fisheries Protection Services are working together to ensure round-the-clock surveillance and make sure that no fishing takes place in the affected area, the ministry said.

Prosecutors in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, have filed terror charges against prominent opposition figure and journalist Eskinder Nega, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate reports. Mr Eskinder was among the thousands arrested following the violence that caused the death of at least 170 people after popular musician Hachalu Hundessa was murdered in late June. His lawyer, Henock Aklilu, told the BBC that he has not been formally informed of the charges and that he heard the news on state media.

A three-day national consultation on the make-up of Mali’s transitional government begins on Thursday in the capital, Bamako. The talks come ahead of a deadline given by West African leaders for the appointment of civilian leaders by 15 September. This follows consultative meetings held last weekend to agree on the “terms of reference” for Thursday’s talks.

Some of South Africa’s biggest retailers have removed products made by TRESemmé following a row over an advert that has been condemned as racist. The original advert for a TRESemmé product that was promoted by retailer Clicks had pictures of African hair labelled dry, dull and damaged, while an example of white hair was described as fine and flat. Clicks responded to protests by apologising, pulling the advert and removing TRESemmé products and now other companies have joined in.

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National And International News Roundup – 9th September 2020

Streets of Bamenda have remained empty for a second day in a row today. Following a restriction on operation by commercial motorbikes, separatist fighters have imposed a ban on the movement of vehicles, leaving most of the town in fear. Reports of the shooting of a suspected separatist fighter did not make the situation any better.

Bamenda City Mayor says the population of should adapt to the inconveniences of the decision and learn how to live with it. Paul Achobong Tembeng stresses that the decision has been taken in good faith to ensure peace in the town and not to deprive people of their source of income.The city Mayor accepts that they are a few military excesses but people cannot live in Bamenda without the patriotic efforts of the military and the police.

Two students arrested in connection to Baccalaureate exam leakage and detained at Kondengui prison have been released. The students spent several days in detention for sharing leaked exam questions on social media.

The marking of GCE Ordinary and Advance levels examinations has started in the South West region of Cameroon. 14 marking centers have been put in place. The Governor of the South West Benard Okalia Bilai says the examiners should be vigilant given the high level of insecurity in the region.

A Bipartisan resolution has been signed by 13 US Senators calling for a ceasefire and dialogue to resolve the Anglophone crisis. Jim Risch, a Republican Senator from Idaho is leading the delegation of his colleagues. To him, “the international community must do more to speak out against the atrocities of this conflict, and engage all sides to pursue an inclusive and constructive path towards peace and stability”.

Speaking in a press conference today, the party leader, Cabral Libii said the process is “a great moment for Cameroon.”

Artist and politician, Romeo Dika has tendered his resignation from the ruling CPDM party. In a letter today, he said he was no longer going to demand the 90 million FCFA owed him by the party. He also promised to militate for another party in the days ahead.

The Bamenda City Mayor has addressed the status quo of the town. Prohibiting the circulation of motorbikes in most parts of town he says, the move is for the security of the population. “It will not be easy to commit a crime while in a taxi and go without being apprehended by the military. This is not the case with motorcycles where defaulters and criminals can easily escape” he said.

Spokesman of the MRC, Olivier Bibou says now is the time for collective action to oust President Paul Biya. In an address today, he said “it is now a collective effort of all patriotic and Republican Cameroonian to initiate the process of change to the country.”

Prof. Michael Aletum Tabuwe, former Professor of Sociology at the University of Yaounde is dead. He died Monday September 7 at the age of 86 in Washington, USA. He reportedly died due to medical negligence. The late Professor was a lecturer at the Department of Political Sciences and the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the University of Yaounde II and at the African University. He taught for close to 40 years.

At least three people have been killed and seven injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a restaurant in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, news agency AFP reports. “The target of the suicide bomber was civilians sitting at the [ Blue Sky] restaurant. He walked [among] them and detonated himself killing three civilians and wounding seven others,” Information Ministry spokesman Ismail Mukhtar Omar said. Witnesses said security forces cordoned off the scene after the blast.

Liberia’s President George Weah has sacked the head of the National Public Health Institute, Mosoka Fallah, who had been suspended for an investigation into his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. His dismissal was recommended by a committee. He had served in the position for less than four months. Dr Fallah has not commented on his sacking.

Somalia’s attorney general has appointed a special prosecutor for crimes against journalists. The prosecutor will probe and prosecute “those who carried out killings and maiming of journalists,” Dr Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud said in a statement. He added that perpetrators would face the full force of the law. This comes four months after the Banadir regional court directed the attorney general’s office to investigate allegations of killing of journalists in the country.

The naming of a Chinese man as “developmental chief” in Ghana has elicited mixed reactions on social media. Sun Qiang was named Nkosuohene – which means developmental chief – at Kwahu Abetifi, a town in the eastern region of Ghana. The title is given to non-royals whose efforts are deemed to have had a positive impact to the society.

Rwanda genocide suspect Charles Ndereyehe has been released after he was arrested on Tuesday evening at his house near Netherlands capital, Amsterdam, his political party has said. The Rwandan government had in 2010 issued an international arrest warrant for Mr Ndereyehe on charges of organising killings in the genocide. His release has been confirmed by leader of the foreign-based opposition party FDU-Inkingi, Justin Bahunga.

A special court in Sierra Leone has rejected a bid by convicted former Liberian President Charles Taylor to be moved from a British prison citing coronavirus risk, AFP news agency reports. Taylor had said the coronavirus pandemic in the UK was a big threat to his life and wanted to be moved to a “safe third country”, the agency reports. The Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone said he had not specified which countries he considered safe.

The United Nations has warned that the humanitarian situation in Sudan is worsening with further heavy rain and flooding expected in the coming days. The government has already declared a state of emergency, and the UN says the supplies needed to respond to the crisis are running out. Weeks of torrential downpours have led to flooding in all but one of Sudan’s 18 states.

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National And International News Roundup – 8th September 2020

An unexpected ‘ghost town’ was observed in Bamenda today. Most of the streets remained deserted as many stayed in their houses as few taxis circulated in the city to transport people. The city council banned commercial and private motorcycles from circulating in some parts of the town. Taxi drivers have been threatened by amba boys to stay at home. In the Bamenda briefs, say that most bikers are either students or school dropouts. They are now frustrated saying their lone means of survival has been snatched from them.

General Nkah Valere, commander of the 5th military legion in Bamenda has launched an operation called “Bamenda Clean”. Aimed at fishing out all those that have been committing atrocities in the North West and Bamenda in particular, he has called on the population to collaborate with the military.

Cameroonians are divided over a call by Cameroon Renaissance Movement party to protest against the reign of Paul Biya on the 22nd of September 2020. To some, the regime has plunged Cameroon to chaos for close to 40 years and cannot been defeated through the ballot boxes. On the other hand, many are accusing the CRM of trying to incite violence.

The CRM party has issued instructions for all her militants to stay off media debate. A decision taken by party hierarchy shortly after President Paul Biya announced the convocation of regional elections.

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) is facing criticisms from the public for threatening to boycott regional elections. After participating in municipal, legislative and presidential elections in the course of Anglophone crisis, the party headed by Ni John Fru Ndi is standing against regional election.

Inhabitants of PK-13, Lendi and Mbangue in Douala V say movement of vehicles and people remain difficult in the area following the collapse of a local bridge. They regret that Douala City council had earlier demolished houses to construct good drainage to no avail.

Government has established a new checkpoint of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) in Mayo Tsanaga in the Far North region. This comes after repeated incursions made by the Boko Haram terrorist sect. The action also comes after another checkpoint was set up on the border with the Central African Republic, in the East region to boost security.

The corpse of a University of Dschang student has been discoveredd. Dalaks as he was known among his peers was killed by bandits who robbed him of his bike last night. He was an English Modern Letters and a pre Level 2 student.

Authorities in Kousseri, Far North region are still seeking information on a lifeless baby found in a trash can yesterday. The remains of the baby were handed to security agents after nearby inhabitants could not identify the baby nor its parents.

Artist and CPDM activist, Romeo Dika has withdrawn his allegiance to president Paul Biya. In an outburst on a local radio station, he said the head of state owes him for his years of loyal service to the ruling party. He made the declaration in the presence of his fellow party bigwig, Messanga Nyamding.

Floods in north-eastern Ghana have killed seven people and made many others homeless. The country’s National Disaster Management Organisation (Nadmo) has dispatched a rescue team to assist residents of affected communities. The flooding was caused by torrential rains and the overspill of excess water from the Bagre dam in neighbouring Burkina Faso.

The UN children’s agency, Unicef, says some 535,000 children in Burkina Faso are suffering from acute malnutrition. Unicef says many of those affected have been displaced by jihadist and ethnic conflicts. The coronavirus pandemic had made the situation worse, it adds, restricting access to food and healthcare. More than 150,000 of the affected children have been classed as severely malnourished, which means they are nine times more likely to die than well-nourished children.

The media regulator in Chad has closed down 12 publications, accusing them of breaking the law. Five French-language weekly newspapers and seven Arab dailies have been suspended for at least three months. The authorities said the publications had failed to meet requirements that senior staff were trained in journalism and had at least three years’ higher education.

A new survey of an active volcano in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo suggests there may be an eruption in the next four to seven years. More than two million people live around Mount Nyiragongo, and the cities of Goma and Gisenyi sit between the volcano and Lake Kivu. Rapid expansion in Goma means many people now live right next to fissures in the flank of the volcano through which any eruption would likely occur, says Goma Volcano Observatory Director Katcho Karume.

South Africa’s economy has shrunk by 51% in the second quarter of 2020.From March, the continent’s most industrialised economy implemented one of the strictest lockdowns in the world as it battled Covid-19, but it has taken a heavy toll. A contraction was expected, but these numbers are staggering. With the exception of agriculture, all sectors of the economy saw big declines, with industries such as aviation, tourism and hospitality coming to a virtual standstill.

Foreign news; BBC

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National And International News Roundup – 7th September 2020

Maurice Kamto has declared a revolution to unseat president Paul Biya. The announcement comes hours after the head of state convened the regional elections, a process the MRC had warned against. The party has also suspended all participation on different Radio and TV platforms till further notice.

Regional elections in Cameroon are set to take place on December 6th, 2020. It was convened by President Paul Biya today despite earlier threats of boycott and protests by opposition parties. The election will hold in all the Divisional headquarters in the country.The mandate of the councillors will run for five years.

Militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Party say the regime in place has once again provoked Cameroonians by convening regional elections for December 6th 2020. According to Bar. Tamfu Richard, the emergency in Cameroon now is to resolve the crisis and not an election. He adds that most traditional rulers of the North West and South West are not in their palaces and will not have the possibility to vote.

Elvis Ngole Ngole has applauded the decree convening regional election in Cameroon. To him, the step will reenforce the process of decentralisation. The front line militant of the ruling party however fails to mention how the regional election will participate in bringing about peace in Cameroon.

Territorial Administration Minister, Atanga Nji Paul insists that the regional elections must take place despite the disapproval of opposition parties. In a press conference in Yaounde today he also threatened to have the MRC leader arrested once more.

A man has died after sustaining bullet wounds last week. A shopkeeper, he was shot as soldiers went on rampage in Bamenda, Chief town of the North West region last week. He was shot in the back as he sought cover from the gunshots.

Doctors Without Borders had come to the rescue of 20-year old Sirri, shot by a stray bullet at the Bamenda food market last week. With hospital bills at over half a million, medics had asked that they be settled before further medical care was given. She has been transferred to a private health facility for better medical attention.

Security forces say they have killed General Spirito of Mbonge in the South West region, alongside six of his gang members. They add that several weapons, ammunitions, explosive devices and Indian hemp were retrieved from their camp in the Bapo forest.

The Bamenda City Mayor has denied claims that a decision restricting commercial and private motorcycles  from working in the main town will increase unemployment. Paul Achobong has stated that riders should reconvert to taxi drivers. To him, the administration will examine the implementation of the decision and if it’s counter productive, it will be cancelled or suspended.

A presumed bandit was lynched and later set free in Meta quarter in Bamenda in the North West region. The boy in his late twenties was caught assisting his supposed partner in crime to still sheets of zinc.

The University of Bamenda has denied claims of unnecessarily delaying the academic defense session of master students of the department of marketing in the Higher Institute of Management and Commerce. According to the Prof. Njimated Godfrey, director of the Institute, the students have not completed all their academic obligations. This is contrary to the version of the disgruntled students.

Five teachers’ trade unions have condemned the violence in the North West and South West regions. In a joint statement, they reveal that 465 schools have been partially or wholly looted, occupied by armed gangs “or partially or wholly burnt down within the past two years. They have also called on the military to exercise restraint in carrying out their duty.

The economy of Meme Division in the South West continues to suffer setbacks following the continuous respect of Monday ghost town. Today, all the markets remained closed with no trader taking the risk to obey orders of the administration to do business on Monday.

The Ayah Foundation has revealed its plans to take in more refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs. They will be housed and catered for at its Buea headquarters and in Loum in the Littoral region where the Foundation has been housing displaced girls, providing everything for them including allowances, education and feeding.

A foreign national is being held at the Judicial Police in Douala. Security officials say he was caught with 18Kgs of methamphetamine at the Douala airport. The suspect was on transit to Europe when he was made out.

Officials in southern Somalia say three members of the Somali special forces have been killed by a car bomb in the village of Jana Abdalla. A US soldier was seriously injured in the attack about 60km (37 miles) from the port city of Kismayo. The suicide car bomb exploded outside a military base. The Islamist group al-Shabab said it carried out the attack. It put the number of casualties as significantly higher, saying 20 people had been killed including US troops.

Ethiopian security officials have barred more than 10 people from boarding a flight to the northern region of Tigray, telling them that elections to take place there later this week are illegal. The passengers, who included four journalists, said the action appeared intended to prevent coverage of the election. Those barred said they had their phones and laptops confiscated.

A court in Uganda’s western town of Ntungamo has charged Deputy Minister for Labour Mwesigwa Rukutana with attempted murder, following an alleged shooting incident over the weekend. He has been in police custody since Saturday. Mr Rukutana is accused of shooting and injuring an opponent’s supporter, after he lost the election in the ruling National Resistance Movement party’s primaries. In a statement published by the state-owned New Vision newspaper, Mr Rukutana’s lawyers denied he had fired a shot.

International institutions are warning of a growing food crisis in southern Africa, with up to 50 million people at risk. The UN’s World Food Programme says Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe are the worst affected countries. These were hit by a devastating drought in 2019 and have been ravaged this year by a locust infestation that has spread south across the continent. The region is also facing economic hardship stemming from the restrictions imposed to contain coronavirus.

Four people have been arrested in Italy after a young man of Cape Verdian descent was beaten to death near the Italian city of Rome at the weekend. Willy Monteiro Duarte was found dying in a pool of blood after he and a group of friends were attacked after leaving a nightclub. Police say they do not believe the killing to have been racially motivated, but such attacks have been on the increase in Italy in recent months.

A viral cartoon which depicts Nigeria’s First Lady Aisha Buhari showing her daughter’s wedding pictures to Nigerians drowning in a river is “very unfair”, her spokesman Aliyu Abdullahi has told the BBC. Many Nigerians have been complaining bitterly in recent weeks about the high cost of food and fuel and a hike in electricity tariffs, and were not impressed by the images and videos they saw of wedding celebrations – including the bride and groom being showered with money.

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News Roundups

National And International Roundup – 4th September 2020

Bamenda City Mayor and the SDO for Mezam have banned the circulation of commercial and private motorcycles in some parts of Bamenda. The decision signed today aims at curbing insecurity in the city. The administrators say most of the amba boys’ shooting is done with the use of motorcycles. Inhabitants say the measure targets just the consequences and not the root cause of the crisis for a permanent solution for peace.

The followup committee of the Major National Dialogue has called on government to increase productivity of the country’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Rehabilitation, DDR centers. This was among other proposals the Committee made at the end of its inaugural session at the Prime Minister’s office.

Authorities in Douala say they intend installing over 500 mobile toilets in the city. This they say, is in a bid to improve on the hygienic conditions in the city ahead of CHAN 2021 and AFCON 2022.

The deputy national communication secretary of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party says the party will stop at nothing to see justice prevail in Cameroon. Fah Elvis Tayong says the new executive members appointed by president Maurice Kamto will reinforce the fight for democracy and justice in Cameroon.

The indigenes of Bonasama, Douala IV in the Littoral region are standing against the appointment of a non indigene as a traditional ruler in the community. They tabled their petition to the D.O. of Douala IV today in the course of a peaceful protest.

Critics think the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party’s threats to boycott regional elections in Cameroon is based on the fact that the party has few municipal councillors and thus fears failure.

Seven members of government have today visited flood prone areas in Maroua in the Far North region of Cameroon. The delegation headed by Minister Paul Atanga Nji of territorial administration is taking stock of what needs to be done to prevent flood in the area. The area has been hit by flood this year.

The authorities in Ethiopia have launched a mobile service which allows people to receive their coronavirus test results through an SMS. The results will be available three hours after one is tested, the Ethiopian Public Health Institute director Meseud Mohammed said. A short code 8335 will be used to send notifications with the results.

The Mozambican health authorities have expressed concern over the rising Covid-19 cases and the growing number of people going to hospital. The health system could be saturated by the trend, National Deputy Director of Public Health Benigna Matsinhe warned. Dr Matsinhe said it was time to increase preventive measures, as she believes that there are many people infected with Covid-19, travelling around the country.

Malawi’s president has said that his country’s poverty is due to the misrule of his predecessors. “The poverty of our people is man-made, which means it can and must be unmade,” Lazarus Chakwera said in his first state of the nation address since being elected in June. He promised to end corruption by making the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) fully independent and resourced to investigate and prosecute financial crimes.

A powerful rebel group in Sudan has signed a declaration of principles with the government – raising hopes that it will eventually sign a peace agreement. The SPLM-North Abdelaziz al Hilu faction was a notable absentee when other rebel groups signed a peace deal this week. But the group’s leader Abdelaziz al Hilu carried on talking with the government – and late on Thursday put his signature to a declaration of principles.

Nigeria has barred airlines from a number of countries as it resumes international passenger flights on Saturday. Ten airlines have not been allowed to operate – including Air France, KLM Royal Dutch from the Netherlands, Lufthansa from Germany, and Etihad Airways from the United Arab Emirates. This is because Nigerians with tourist visas are not allowed entry into those countries.

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News Roundups

National And International News Roundup – 3rd September 2020

Today marks the fourth day of continuous shooting in the town of Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon. Shooting started today at about 7:00 at Miles 3 and 4. Residents say military do that always to scare separatist fighters. To business men, it has been poor business since the beginning of this week.

An unknown number of traditional rulers in Boyo Division in the North West have spent the second day in the hands of separatist fighers. The custodians of tradition were kidnapped yesterday in Ngwah village as they travelled to Fundong to attend the Boyo Fons Conference. Inhabitants say it’s a way of punishing them for attempting to attend the conference.

Workers of Rainbow FM radio in Mbengwi in Momo Division are on the run following threats of attacking the radio by unknown individuals. Cameroon Journalists Trade Union North West chapter has condemned the act while calling on the powers that be to take action and stop the attack of media houses and their workers.

Donga Mantung Division in the North West region begins preparation ahead of school resumption for 2020/2021 academic year. The SDO has convened an enlarged meeting for the 16th of September 2020. Stake holders in the Division are expected to propose ways of a successful school year. Donga Mantung enjoys relative calm as compared to other places.

PM Joseph Dion Ngute says ensuring peace, school resumption and reconstruction in the North West and South West regions are some of the objectives of the follow up committee of the grand national dialogue. Members of the committee met today for the first time since it was put in place in March 2020.

Cameroon’s Health Minister says the country’s active COVID-19 cases now stand at 742. In a tweet this Thursday, Minister Manaouda Malachie said 18,448 people have recovered from the virus that has so far infected 19,604 persons in the country. 414 persons he added succumbed to the deadly pandemic.

Activities are gaining steam ahead of the organisation of regional elections. A Presidential decree signed yesterday has stated the number of councillors each division in Cameroon will have after the election.

Three persons died today and several others were injured in a road accident in Ndikinimiki, along the Yaounde-Bafoussam road. The Bagante road which recently underwent rehabilitation works has been the scene of numerous accidents, often attributed to overspeeding.

Ethiopia’s foreign ministry says it will begin repatriating about 2,000 migrants stranded in Saudi Arabia from next week. The announcement comes after a UK-based newspaper, The Telegraph, reported that hundreds, if not thousands, of Ethiopian migrants had been locked up in squalid conditions in detention centres in Saudi Arabia to curb the spread of coronavirus. Conditions were so appalling that people were dying of heatstroke, disease or by taking their own lives, it reported.

A third police offer has been arrested in connection with the murder of 16-year-old Nathaniel Julies near his home Johannesburg’s Eldorado Park neighbourhood. The teenager, who had Down’s Syndrome, had gone out to buy biscuits when he was shot on 26 August. Two other officers appeared in court in connection with his death earlier this week and were charged with four counts, including premeditated murder.

Zambia’s main opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has demanded $3m (£2.3m) from former finance minister Edith Nawakwi after accusing her of falsely linking him to corruption during the privatisation of state agencies in the 1990s. Ms Nawakwi, now an opposition politician, alleged that Mr Hichilema had used his position as a consultant during the privatisation programme to amass wealth.Mr Hichilema has denied any wrongdoing. His lawyers have written to Ms Nawakwi to demand an apology and a retraction by Thursday, failing which they will go to court.

South Africa is no longer among the five countries most affected by coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization. Peru now has the fifth highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases, with 663,437 reported by Wednesday. South Africa, which accounts for half of all the cases confirmed in Africa, has had 630,595 cases.

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News Roundups

National And International News Roundup – 2nd September 2020

Gun shots were heard in several parts of the town of Bamenda today, causing inhabitants to rush to their houses again for safety. For now, an uneasy calm has returned but fear remains as many people are reluctant to get to their business places. Yesterday, some slept out of their homes as there was no possibility to return home due to the terror caused by soldiers.

The Mayor of Fundong in the North West region of Cameroon says the administration of Cameroon should appease separatist fighters for peace to reign. Awoh Ndang Denis was speaking today in Fundong in the presence of the governor of the North West Region. He decried the fact that many fons in the area have been victimised by separatist fighters.

The Divisional Officer for Ako Sub Division, North West Region of Cameroon says administrative sanctions await any government teacher that will not resume school in the area on the 5th of October 2020. In a note signed by DO Mbingneoch Abraham, he called on parents and students to intensify preparation for back to school.

The Popular Action Party, PAP has declared its support for the MRC’s call for president Paul Biya to be taken out of power. This was in a letter from PAP president addressed to MRC boss, Maurice Kamto today. Kamto had earlier warned the government against attempting to organise elections without first solving the Anglophone crisis.

The Mayor of Douala III is asking all those that have constructed in flood prone areas to quit with immediate effect. The intention is to prevent flood that earlier caused enormous material damages in the area.

A man remains missing in the water in Maroua, Far North Region of Cameroon. Elements of the fire fighting unit say they are still searching for the remains of Olivier Doukary. He was swept away by water current last Monday after heavy rains.

Mendankwe village in the North West region bow has a new traditional ruler. Fon Nforchesiri III was made ruler in a ceremony today. Among dignitaries present was SDO for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh.

There are questions on the outcome of the national dialogue organised one year ago. A follow-up committee to that effect created in March this year will hold a meeting tomorrow Thursday in Yaounde. Many think the bloodshed in the North West and South West is a clear testimony that the dialogue ws a failure.

South Africa’s Auditor General Kimi Makwetu has described his findings into alleged corruption in the disbursement of the government’s Covid-19 relief fund as “frightening”. Some $26bn (£19bn), the equivalent of 10% of the country’s GDP, was disbursed to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The auditor general’s report detailed clear findings of overpricing, unfair processes, and potential fraud in government procurement.

A court in Zimbabwe has released the journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, on bail. He had been in prison since July after being charged with inciting public violence for posting messages in support of a protest against corruption. His incarceration drew widespread international criticism, especially after he was repeatedly denied bail. Earlier the opposition leader behind the protest was also given bail.

Elie Kamano, a former Guinean reggae musician, has expressed his interest to run for the presidency. He plans to challenge President Alpha Condé who is seeking a controversial third term in October. The musician has called on his supporters to help him raise the required fee set for registration of candidates by the electoral commission.

Nigeria’s House of Representatives speaker Femi Gbajabiamila is going to Ghana for a meeting with his Ghanaian counterpart following the recent diplomatic tension. Mr Gbajabiamila told Nigerian media that the main topic of discussion would be issues affecting Nigerians in Ghana. The information ministers for both countries had spoken about the matter with Nigeria’s Lai Mohammed accusing Ghana of deporting Nigerians and closing shops owned by Nigerian citizens.

Health workers around the world can travel to any destination for up to half the fare courtesy of Kenya Airways. The offer will be for both business and economy class in the month of September. The airline said the up to 50% discount was a way of giving back to the front-line workers for their effort during the coronavirus pandemic.

The leader of Zambia’s main opposition party, Hakainde Hichilema, has alleged the government is plotting to kill him. Mr Hichilema is facing accusations of using his position as a consultant during the country’s privatisation of state-owned entities to enrich himself. The accusations are spearheaded by former Finance Minister Edith Nawakwi, who leads another opposition party. Mr Hichilema denies any wrongdoing.

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