Cameroonians stranded in Kenya seek to return home

A group of seven Cameroonians who left Kuwait for Cameroon, are stranded in Kenya.

Their Covid-19 tests are due to expire this Monday, yet, they are being asked by the Qarter and Kenyan Airways to get another tests done before taking their flights to Cameroon.

“We left kuwait to kenya, we were on transit tickets but we missed our our flight because they keep saying our Covid-19 tests have expired…But thea are still valid…We are stranded at the airport…Qatar Airways has refused their responsibility and same as Kenya,” one of the passengers explained.

“They said they can only allow us to travel if the Cameroon government accepts to receive us,” she went on.

The airline companies have not reacted, but the passengers say they are not financially viable to get a new Covid-19 test done. “We need help,” says one of them.

Mimi Mefo Info