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Cameroon: Bamenda paralyzed as unidentified gunmen kill police inspector, lady wounded

Cameroon: Bamenda paralyzed as unidentified gunmen kill police inspector, lady wounded

Uneasy calm now reigns in Bamenda following the assassination of a police officer by unidentified armed men.
The attack on a police control team was carried out in broad daylight around Small Mankon, Bamenda.

Although the unidentified armed men are said to have appeared onboard motorbikes and carried out the attack, other sources say they emerged from a nearby house and opened fire.

As the young Petit Bikolo bled and later died at the GMI hospital in Bamenda, his colleagues went in search of the culprits.
But given that it was a hit-and-run operation, civilians have been forced to pay the price.

“There is panic in Bamenda as gun battles have left residents running for their lives,” a local told Mimi Mefo as she struggled to take cover at a local bank at Commercial Avenue.

“From City Chemist to Small Mankon and Commercial Avenue, business places have shut down and were now at the mercy of amba boys and the military.”

As security and defence forces populated the supposed crime scene, city dwellers fled to safety.

“I’m at the Big Mankon entrance now and many people have taken to their heels to safer places while stores and shops have closed down as at now…” said a resident.

“Everyone Bda in Bamenda is on a run as I speak, serious shooting going on…The police here just firing and firing.”

Unable to get hold of the armed men who attacked and killed one of theirs, police officers went on rampage.
Videos show them destroying roadside shops and setting motorcycles on fire.

They emptied food flasks into gutters and destroyed roadside kiosks.

The murdered officer is said to have been transfered from Yaoundé to the Bamenda Central Police five months ago.

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