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Bamenda Food Market vendors brave odds to operate as unprecedented ghost town sweeps across city

Food stuff vendors at the Bamenda food market have braved the uncertain condition in the city today and are going about their normal activities.

Some courageous buyers are also in the market struggling to purchase food stuff.

But the buying and selling is limited out of the market, by the roadside, as shops inside the market have remained closed.

“There are always buyers and sellers along the same road even on ghost town days. But the crowd is quite encouraging today,” says our reporter on the ground.

Bamenda woke up today with empty streets following releases signed by the Bamenda city mayor and the regional governor restricting commercial motor bikes from operating within major streets in Bamenda.

Over the weekend,it was rumored separatists fighters had vowed to disrupt circulation of taxis and private car owners should the order restricting motor bikes goes operation.

This caused fear in them as many stayed back home today and only few persons are seen on the streets and compelled to treck and the yellow cars are off the streets.