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Baccalaureate exam leaks: Classmates of detained student launch appeal for his release

Days back, news of the arrest of a student accused of sharing leaked Baccalaureate Examination questions to a WhatsApp forum met with mixed reactions.

Latest developments indicate that the accused, Gervais Kevin was not the only student arrested.

Students of the National Polytechnic Douala (ENSPD) have written a complaint, calling for the release of one of theirs implicated in the case.

Kamga Brandoon Wilson Ledoux, a 5th year automotive technology student and co-founder of a digital start-up called Waloop, they say, was arrested on August 5th in Douala by agents of the judicial police in collaboration with the National Anti Corruption Commission, CONAC.

Described as a young and dedicated entrepreneur since his first year in the institution, Kamga, his classmates say signed a contract with a private higher institute, ISTEG which required that he managed their communication and marketing.

Consequently, he created a WhatsApp forum where Baccalaureate exam candidates were drilled on several modalities as a means to cajole them to chose the institution for further learning.

He was later arrested and is in detention alongside Gassam Niche Gervais Kevin, a Baccalaureate candidate who allegedly forwarded leaked examination questions to the forum.

“Our friend never forwarded the leaked exam questions and even after investigations, it was established that they did not know each other and that he (Kevin) had joined the group through a link invite,” Kamga’s classmates state.

Kamga, they add, “has no parent in or affinity to the Baccalaureate Board or in the Ministry of Secondary Education. Today, our classmate is unfairly accused because he was administrator of a WhatsApp group. He is accused because he wanted to guide our juniors.”

The young entrepreneur’s classmates say their greatest fear at the moment is that he may miss his defense come October, a situation that will not only negatively affect him but his partner with whom he is executing his end of course project too.

“Despite all the steps taken by our establishment, nothing has been accepted to allow him to finish writing his thesis … even if it is on bail we want his freedom so that he comes to express his genius nature as a mechatronics engineer,” they plead in their writeup.

They add that the chances of him making it for his defense have become slimmer as the examining magistrate adjourned the case for 6 months for further investigation.

Calling for his release, they express their disappointment: “we, ENSPD students are frustrated by the decisions taken by the courts so far against a future engineer, a young job creator and bearer of hope for this country which wants to be emerging in coming years.”

The ongoing case over leaked Baccalaureate exams has caused a stir on social media, as many have questioned why students are being accused and prosecuted when the officials believed to have leaked the exam from the head office walk free.

(C)Mimi Mefo Info