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Amba General Mad Dog Killed By Soldiers, Corpse Abandoned At City Chemist

Bamenda residents wake up this morning with the death of General Fonteh alias Mad Dog.

He was reportedly killed by soldiers at City Chemist Roundabout.

“Elements of the BIR in a raid last night killed him in Ntaseng and deposited his body at the Liberty Square (otherwise known as City Chemist),” says our reporter, quoting a military source.

His remains were abandoned at City Chemist Roundabout, not far from the scene where a police officer was gunned down by armed separatists on Tuesday, September 1.

General Fonteh was one of the armed bandits who attacked and robbed the Mitanyen Credit Union in Bamenda days back, sources say.

Authorities in the region have not reacted to widespread allegations that he was aided by security forces.

Security forces say they retrieved several items during the raid, including an AK 47, five National ID Cards, bullets, a loaded automatic gun, 06 grenades, two cell phones, a satellite phone, a Wifi modem, a pair of night vision glasses, a pair of headphones and a large amount of marijuana.

Mad Dog, as he was called, is said to have been feared in the town by many even before the Anglophone crisis.

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