After ditching the CPDM party, Romeo Dika throws more shots at Biya, says Kamto will make a better President

Cameroon veteran music star, Louise Romeo Ndoumbe Dika who made a public affair of his differences with the Head of State, President Paul Biya, subsequently leaving the CPDM party, followed with jabs.

On live television, he insisted that Professor Maurice Kamto was going to be a better President after Biya leaves.
Speaking on some of the reasons that made him shut the door against the CPDM, Romeo Dika revealed that some key individuals within the party had taken the political establishment and tuned it to suit personal aims.

“The Freemasons and Rosicrucians have taken the CPDM hostage and have completely removed this party from the ideology of the founding fathers, the reasons for which we joined in 1986,” he insinuated on live broadcast on Afrique Media.

The Cameroon music icon also revealed that his unpaid debts by the Head of State forced him to leave the ruling party.

Romeo Dika said the reasons for which his over 90 million of bonuses were never paid was due to the fact that he refused to adhere to some conditions given to him by some party bigwigs, though he did not say what the conditions were, a practice which he referred to as being counterfeit.

Having been free from the shackles of the CPDM party, Romeo Dika went further by uttering what every Biya loyalist and CPDM faithful dread hearing, endorsing opposition leaders like Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii of being worthy presidents than Biya.

“After Paul Biya, I have two people that I have often been watching for a while now and try to study a little. I think it is Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) and Cabral Libii. But Kamto has a little more advantage because he has a lot more people backing him up,” he concluded.

Mimi Mefo Info