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21-year-old builds multifunctional robot prototype

Young Cameroonian inventor, Mbun Desmond has developed a multifunctional robot.

The prototype functions as a delivery robot, disinfecting robot and a firefighting robot.

“My plan now is to build the real one which is big and can be sent to go a distance of over 1KM from where it is controlled,” he tells us.

Desmond’s major challenge right now is the equipment. “I need real components or materials to build a bigger functional one with GPS, fpv camera onboard, automatic water and soap dispenser, fire fighting system, solar panels to recharge its battery, disinfecting system. I will make it more advanced so far as I succeed to get the materials to build it,” he explains.

Watch video via link below👇👇👇

Just 21years old, Desmond is no stranger to inventions. His earlier works include a radio controlled plane, a smart Bluetooth-controlled disinfecting robot vehicle and a smart dustbin that functions through the use of sensors.

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