18-year-old spends second night in dreaded Kondengui prison over Baccalaureate exam leak

Gassam Noche Gervais Kevin, a final year student in Bagante in the West region is currently being detained at the Kondengui prison in Yaounde, Cameroon’s political capital.

The 18-year-old was arrested for allegedly forwarding leaked Baccalaureate exam questions to a study group.

Reports say he spent two weeks at the Bafoussam Judicial Police station before being notified of the reason for his arrest.

“Even after his mother to whom he is a lone son, was finally informed of the reason for her son’s arrest, his ordeal was just starting,” recounts a source.

Kevin would later be transported to Yaounde where an examining magistrate ordered that he be sent to the Kondengui prison.

The move has raised a lot of criticism as Secondary Education Minister, Nalova Lyonga in another investigation reportedly fished out the 7 officials suspected of leaking the examination.

All seven who were workers at the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office are reportedly at large for fear of facing the law.

“Why arrest a student because of a leakage, if at all there was any? Are the questions not at the disposal of teachers before being distributed to students? Why pin it on an innocent student?” Pondered an observer.

Kevin on the other hand is still at the Yaounde prison, a situation likely to jeopardise his future.

Kevin’s case can be likened to that of Fomusoh Ivo, Afuh Nivelle Nfor and Azah Levis Gob for sharing a joke on Boko Haram. All three are still serving a 10-year jail term. Many fear a similar fate may befall Kevin.

A maximum security facility, the Kondengui prison is home to thousands of inmates sentenced for violent and non violent crimes, and many others awaiting trial, a process notorious for being extremely slow, costly and merciless.

Mimi Mefo Info